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Alaska Bible Seminary

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Alaska's villages need followers of Jesus who are prepared to make an impact for eternity. An education at Alaska Bible Seminary equips you for better service as a lay leader or a pastor in your village and beyond.



The Alaska Bible Seminary was founded as an educational institution in 1947 by the Moravian Church in Bethel. It was set up to be the educational arm of the church here in Alaska to provide biblical training for local people. The history really began in 1891 when Moravian Missionaries began formally training local leaders in ministry as “Helpers”.

Since at least 2005 government of the seminary has been under an all-native board of directors.

ABS accomplishes its mission/purpose by simply teaching the Scriptures as the Word of God. We seek to teach the Bible from it’s original context and train our students how to properly handle and apply the Word of God

Institutional Goals:        

The following goals were developed by the Alaska Bible Seminary from its Mission Statement to further clarify its focus and purpose. The Alaska Bible Seminary exists:

  1. To equip students for Christian Leadership by nurturing their spiritual, intellectual and personal growth.
  2. To provide education in God’s Word to students through biblical studies.
  3. To assist students in learning how to evaluate their lives from a biblical perspective.
  4. To assist students in learning how to apply their biblical perspective to all areas of their life.
  5. To support a mentoring culture that encourages students to embrace the biblical concepts of Evangelism and Discipleship.
  6. To help students learn to help others lead a Christ like life.

Programs Offered


Christian Leadership Certification

Program Objectives: 

When a student has completed their studies he or she should be able to demonstrate the following:

  1. A solid understanding of God’s Word.
  2. An understanding of core theological concepts.
  3. An understanding of ministry methodologies
  4. Exhibit Christian ethics throughout their lives.
  5. Exhibit an ability to be a good Christian Leader.
  6. An ability to effectively communicate God’s Word in a variety of ways.

Program Description: 

This program is a four semester program of biblical study consisting of 30 courses. The primary focus is to teach a solid understanding of God’s Word in addition to providing practical education on leadership and counseling skills.

Pastoral Certification

Program Objectives: 

  1. Ability to perform pastoral service in a congregation.
  2. Have a sound understanding of the Book of Order and its role in the church.
  3. Ability to be a spiritual leader & disciple of a congregation.
  4. Provide a solid example of Christian Living and Ethics.
  5. Meet all of the requirements to serve in the Alaska Moravian Church.

Program Description: 

This program is a two semester program of intensive study and training to prepare the student for pastoral leadership. Program consists of 6 courses of classroom study and a semester internship  working under the guidance and supervision of a pastor in a congregational setting