Spiritual Life:

The spiritual life and growth of students is a functional goal of the Seminary experience. Students are expected to participate in daily devotions as a group and gradually become willing and able to lead them. In addition students are expected to maintain an active role in the church of their choice both as an attender and also by serving in some capacity of church life. This is a graduation requirement that is mutually developed and agreed to by the student and the Seminary Dean.

Student Life:

This is a challenging curriculum and will require a real time commitment as a student. Student life will focus mainly on your education and practical application of what you are learning. Students will have free time to engage in social activities at home and/or in the community. You will be spending a lot of time in community with each other and it is important that you treat each other appropriately and respect one another. The following Student Conduct Form gives you guidelines for healthy community living and must be agreed to prior to acceptance to the Alaska Bible Seminary. You are required as part of the application process to read and sign a copy of the following.


Code for Student Conduct

Expectations for Seminary Students:

Jesus Christ is the model that we should follow as we serve Him in our daily life. Developing good Christian habits are an important part of your faith journey. Students are expected to:

Attend church services weekly

Engage in a practical assignment in a local church each semester

Develop a time for personal devotions

Attend daily devotional time prior to start of classes

Attend and participate in the annual Church Synod

Attend and participate in the Spring and Fall Retreats/Conferences


Student Conduct Guidelines:

In all social settings we need standards that direct us on how we are to co-exist with each other. God is concerned with how we relate in community, both for our own good and for our witness to a lost world. Our goal is to establish a clear standard that reflects godly leadership in the Church of Christ. Students are expected to follow these guidelines:

Use or possession of any tobacco products, alcohol or drugs is prohibited!

Respect at all times other students, instructors, Church leadership and Seminary staff. Treat others as you wish to be treated!

Profanity of any kind is not accepted.

Respect the personal property of others.

Telephone use is permitted but should be limited to break and meal times.

Cell phone use, included texting, is not permitted when classes are in session.

Internet is available for school use only. Streaming videos and movies and gaming are not allowed.

Students are required to follow a modest appropriate dress code – males and females. Students will be asked to change inappropriate clothing prior to class and it is up to the discretion of the instructor or Dean what is or isn’t acceptable. If in doubt, ask.

Attendance to all classes is required. Any necessary excuses must be approved by your instructor or the Dean.

Students must attend the required classes to receive course credit.

Makeup work may be accepted but must be approved by your instructor and the Seminary Dean.

Students are expected to complete all homework and reading assignments in a timely fashion.

Students living in the dorm are expected to:

Keep rooms clean and orderly.

Bed linens and towels should be washed weekly.

Participate in occasional practice fire drills.

Observe quiet time from 11:00 PM – 7:00 AM.(Respect others need to sleep)

Guests may be permitted with prior approval of Dean and the payment of appropriate fees.

Students may use the Seminary post office box while living in the dorm. The address is P.O. Box 2084 Bethel, Alaska 99559. Students must complete a change of address form for the Post Office at the end of the semester. The Seminary will not be responsible for collecting mail when school is out. All mail will be returned to sender.

Students are expected to assist in housekeeping chores. These duties include but are not limited to, vacuuming floors, dusting, floor mopping, cooking meals, dishes, taking trash to the dumpster, etc.

Respect Seminary property and supplies.

Internet is available for school use only. Streaming videos and movies and gaming are not allowed.

Pets are not allowed in the Seminary

Whenever people come together in community it is important that there are guidelines on how we all agree to conduct ourselves. The Alaska Bible Seminary’s goal is to provide all students with a safe, nurturing educational environment grounded by solid Christian values. As Dean, I would ask that you prayerfully read and consider this code as it will form the learning and living environment while you attend Seminary. A copy of this Code is included in your admissions packet. Students will be expected to agree and sign this Code of Conduct prior to being accepting.